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AKUA logo

client:  AKUA (pronounced as "aqua")
project: logo design

Cliff Murray, of Alaska Underwater Adventurers -- an Anchorage scuba diving club, contacted me with a specific idea for his group's new logo.  He requested the group's acronym with the Alaska flag filling the top half of the letters, a wavy line dissecting them, and the bottom half filled with the international diving flag. It sounded like a good idea so we gave it a go.

comps for Alaska Underwater Adventurers

After experimenting, I found the diagonal white strip of the international diving flag a distracting element when run across the lower half of the letters (top left). I next tried two different approaches: first using the white stripe for each letter, and secondly dividing the letters horizontally instead of vertically. Neither of these proved satisfying. Next I mounted the acronym on top of the diving flag and separated the two with the original requested line representing water. This worked quite well, getting the idea of both flags across and adding a solid undistracting base to the logo.

While I played with this idea, giving it some dimension and taking liberty with the North Star, Cliff opted for a straight three color treament which will prove a good economical choice for the printing of T-shirts, hats, and other club paraphenalia.

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