Alaska Run For Women:
Celebrating 25 Years

Alaska Run for Women 2017 design

client:  Alaska Run for Women
project: event design

For their silver anniversary year, the Alaska Run For Women requested a design which was "celebratory, colorful, [and] event-oriented with an eye toward a great reproducible graphic for publicity and merchandise." As a possible option, they also suggested it include elements from past designs. I presented three designs to the board and they opted for the one I had tagged "Whimsical Simplicity."

For years I've watched and been inspired by the many women - often in large groups - who choose to participate in this event decked out in wildly colorful tutus. Recalling their spirit and determination sharpened the focus of my design. For elements from the past I made the metaphoric hill, which the runner overcomes, reflect the start and finish arch through which all runners pass. It also serves to link the initial year to 2017. To keep the overall design light and airy -- one of my primary goals -- I softened and simplified the ARFW logo runner.

"I love this design. Everything about it says Alaska Run for Women. The arch, our runner girl logo with an updated look, and the years 1993 and 2017. It’s joyful! "

Kathy Wisthoff
Alaska Run For Women Board

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